The Difference

Rieniet Family“WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE, other than lying and swearing less, between being a medical doctor and a Christian medical doctor?”

I’ve been asking that question a lot lately (you can insert whatever occupation you want—it still works). If you can’t answer that question, you probably have some soul searching to do. God teaches on this in His Word, at least in principle.

When you extend this idea to our vocation (our various callings) like where and how we fit in our family, our society, and our church, it is even more important. There are commendable qualities and aptitudes in all of these spheres, but there is something distinctive about the Christian exercise of these occupations and vocations.

The difference is the gospel. It’s not something you will get anywhere other than God’s Word. Understanding this changes the question to: “How does the cross of Christ impact my practice as a medical doctor … engineer … husband … father … citizen …?” There are a lot of great places to receive training for a future career. There are even a lot places to get this training from a Christian perspective. Those places, though, are few and far between. For 52 years, AFLBS has been establishing students in the eternal and inerrant Word of God. No matter where you want to go, or where God may call you, there is no better place to start. This solid foundation is one reason why nearly 3,000 students— including the vast majority of our AFLTS students—began their post-secondary education at AFLBS. And we’re trying our best, by the grace of God, to improve both our Bible School and Seminary programs every single year.

If AFLBS were the most expensive place to attend, and if none of our credits transferred anywhere, it would still be the place to go to start college after high school. But our campus is affordable. Many of our credits transfer to many programs in most places, and a growing number of institutions embrace our students and credits with enthusiasm. Soon, we will be able to show students dozens of ways to get a four-year degree debt-free while starting at AFLBS. Start here. Go anywhere. Grounded in God’s Word.

This article first appeared in Kinship Magazine, Spring 2018 Edition.

Kinship is a magazine of the Free Lutheran Schools. Stay up to date on latest news, student stories, classroom highlights, and fun tidbits about life on the AFLBS and AFLTS campus.

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