The Lord is the Sustainer of My Soul – Jackie Bingham

By Jackie Bingham, FLBC junior, Sioux Falls, S.D. 

Throughout all of my life, I have been trained in the faith. Although I would not want it any other way, I found some difficulty making my faith my own. In high school, my shallow faith was tested to its limits. I found myself putting my relationship with God to the side and focusing my time on the sinful things of this world. God brought me through this season of my life. He allowed me to reach a point of breaking, which was exactly what I needed to realize the true meaning of His sustaining work.  

There was a particular moment in my life when I was driving in my car and listening to the song, “No Longer Slaves,” by Bethel Music. As I listened to the words, my hate for sin and Satan began to grow exponentially. My eyes were full of tears as I shouted at Satan and claimed victory over him and sin through Christ. My faith is now my own. I know for a fact that God has and always will sustain me through each season of life. 

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