The Lord is the Sustainer of My Soul – Monica ŠikulovÁ

By Monica ŠikulovÁ, FLBC junior, Czech Republic 

In 2014, I attended an English camp led by missionaries from the U.S., and the week was great. When the camp finished, my friend’s dad picked up me and my four friends, and on our way back we got into a really bad car crash. All I remember is a strong hit, smoke everywhere, pain, and chaos. I went into shock right away and remember being in the ambulance praying for everything to be alright. After a few hours and lots of checkups, I made it home. I was alright apart from a bruised chest,  and all of my friends were fine, too. The moment I got home I realized I was wearing a shirt that said, “trust me.” There was blood on it, too, because my friend sitting next to me in the car broke her nose. I can’t fully describe the feeling of realizing that God sustained me throughout the whole accident. A giant burden lifted from my chest. It reminded me of the cross Jesus suffered on, and that our time is in God’s hands. 

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