This is the Way

He looks harmless. Small arms, floppy green ears. But those eyes, they hide a million galaxies: Alderaan’s rebel haven, Coruscant’s Jedi temple, or Tatooine’s twin suns. 

On the other hand, they read mischief. “Stop touching things!” you want to scold. 

But you are bound together, a clan of two. For, he is a puppet after all.  

John Helland, a first-year student with a penchant for computer animation, put his graphic skills to the test in the 3D world, building a life-sized Grogu, a Yoda species Mandalorian foundling. Maybe you’ve heard of him? Helland used every-day items like cardboard and paper bags to make the child. His arms, ears, eyes, mouth, and neck move via simple machines: strings and fingers.  

We say, “Do the magic hand thing!” 

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