To Be Thankful

My late grandfather was fond of stating at family gatherings—with gravitas seemingly exceeding the circumstances—“We’ve got a lot to be thankful for.” The declaration became cliché, but he was right. Giving thanks is one of those topics that demands further explanations. It isn’t enough to “feel thankful,” whatever that means. Rather, we must give thanks to someone for something. Virtue demands that we have some reason to be thankful other than, “that worked out pretty well for me.” In short, the topic of giving thanks necessitates an objective good and a real, generous God. We have a lot to be thankful to God for in this season at the Free Lutheran Bible College and Seminary. More than anything, I have seen a renewed focus in our church body. We, along with many in our society, are asking foundational questions. We have less time and energy for the silly or trivial. I thank God for this, and much else:

  • A new school year has started, in person and on campus
  • Sustained enrollment in both programs (99 FLBC, 17 FLS)
  • Strong finances through a difficult season of ministry
  • The progress on (and expected December completion of) the Student Life Center
  • Dedicated and focused faculty, staff, and administration
  • Alumni enthusiasm, especially among recent graduates

More than that, we give thanks to God for His Son. Jesus Christ was born into our world, lived a perfect life, and died—then rose—in our place to accomplish the forgiveness of our sins and our eternal life in Christ. This truth is foundational to everything else. It is the foundation on which we build everything we are and do at FLBCS. Start here. Go anywhere. Grounded in God’s Word.

Pastor Wade Mobley [FLBCS President]



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