Intercessor Team Update – Jan 7

“To You, O LORD, I called, and to the Lord I made supplication:”

(Psalm 30:8)

It is of greatest privilege to come before our Lord in prayer. David assuredly realized this, and this Psalm depicts his own repentance and thanksgiving in God’s gracious dealings with him during a time of extreme turmoil. Along with David, we too come with petition and need, and we too can offer praise for God’s gracious care of us which is evidenced in His hearing and answering prayer on behalf of His people.

In your own prayer time over the course of the next few weeks, please bring these supplications before our Lord:

We offer praise for the Christmas season, a time especially for reflecting upon the significance of our Lord’s first advent in humility as we anticipate His second in all glory and power.

We offer praise for the dirt work began on the site of the Bible College’s multi-purpose facility. Literally years in the making, we are so very encouraged by the partnership through prayer, giving, and support that we enjoy with all of you. Let us all the more be in prayer for the anticipated December 1, 2020 opening! Progress being made on-site for the new facility can be seen by visiting

We offer petition for the upcoming Free Lutheran Schools 2020 J-Term and Winter Bible Conference taking place on campus January 6-11. This year’s event features an emphasis upon congregational soul care and youth, family, and intergenerational ministry. We pray for all presenters, for those hosting and planning, and for all participants that God’s Word would impact both lives and ministries for the good.

We offer petition for the forthcoming “Spotlight on Missions” event scheduled on campus February 10-11. Pastor Andy Coyle of Shiloh Free Lutheran church of Rapid City, SD will be our featured presenter, and we seek that the Holy Spirit work and move in the hearts of all those gathering for this opportunity and for the Lord to use this event to draw people into the ministry of missions.

We offer petition for at least 7 new students to begin Seminary studies in the coming year. We give thanks for our Seminary’s 27 students, and for God’s faithfulness in calling men as we began specific prayer in 2016 for the raising up of 40 new pastors in the course of 5 years. By God’s grace, we are nearing this goal. Praise Him!

We offer petition for all of our missionaries and their families, and that the Gospel would continue to be proclaimed “… in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.”” (Acts 1:8). We seek strength, faithfulness, and effectiveness for those in the field and for the Holy Spirit to call others to partner with them.

We offer petition for those facing difficulty, burden, and challenge in their lives. Let us remember those who are facing health battles and grieving the loss of loved ones. We remember Wayne and Karen Floan as Wayne undergoes chemotherapy at Mayo Clinic. May an extra measure of the Lord’s peace rest upon those who are hurting.

Please pray for 70 incoming students to begin studies at FLBC next fall. Currently 55 students have been accepted.

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you in this new year.

On behalf of the Intercessor team,
Pastor Kirk Flaa, Sioux Falls, SD

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