Through the Congregation

FLBC was founded on the importance of lay leadership in the local church. That means congregational ministry belongs to more than just pastors. Whatever vocation our students pursue, they are part of the body of Christ, and their skills are valuable for building the Church.



1 : a funny boomer word for church

2 : an assembly or gathering
especially : an assembly of people met for worship and religious instruction 

We get it. Congregation is kind of a funny word. In some ways, it feels old fashioned. But when we look at scripture, we find that there's no better way to describe how Jesus wants to build his church.

A congregation is a meeting of believers like you, for the purpose of worshiping God and receiving the Law and Gospel as taught from Scripture. 

Opportunity for Ministry

We as a college are not a congregation, instead want to encourage and equip the next generation to build God's kingdom through ministering in their local church.  

The Minneapolis area is home to over a dozen AFLC congregations. FLBC students are encouraged to not only attend church weekly, but also volunteer their time and talents in the church.

To encourage this, students may earn class credits for volunteering in a local church or ministry.



An Experience Like No Other

In addition to "book learning," FLBC takes you out of the classroom to experience ministry in the real world. Students get to participate in various groups throughout the school year and summer breaks. 


Gospel Teams

As an elective, students can be part of a Gospel Team. These music teams give students the opportunity to gain confidence in their musical ability, and serve churches throughout the upper Midwest on weekend trips.

Summer Teams

Within our church denomination (AFLC), FLBC is known for their summer VBS teams. Students travel all over the United States, teaching God's word to children through week-long vacation Bible school style events in our churches.

Choir Tours

Nearly 60% of students participate in one of our two choirs. These choirs go on tour in the spring and release an album each year. The FLBC Choir Christmas Concert is something parents won't want to miss! 

Mission Trips

Each year, students can choose to go on a short mission trip over spring break. FLBC partners with AFLC missionaries to provide opportunities for students to gain hands-on missions experience while giving real assistance in the field. 


FLBC Athletics is a ministry in it's own right. Students on our basketball teams learn to put aside their differences to play on a team. That sometimes involves a lot of forgiveness. We are acutely aware that other teams are watching how we respond to wins, losses, and the occasional bad ref call. 


Beyond these opportunities, there are far more ways to serve the local church, and God's kingdom at large. We teach that all vocations are equally valid ways to serve our neighbor.