Hearts Full of Gratitude

Logan Anderson, FLBC first-year student

Mexico was an incredible trip, where God’s presence was undeniable at every turn. Our team of 23 students and 2 leaders embarked on this mission trip with eager hearts, and what we experienced there was nothing short of miraculous. It felt as though God had handpicked each one of us and orchestrated every moment of our time in Oaxaca. Partnering with Foundation For His Ministry based in Oaxaca, Mexico; we had the privilege of serving at a children’s home housing around 60 kids. Our days were filled with meaningful projects, from painting walls to rebuilding playgrounds and laying cement for sidewalks. It was amazing to see how each member of our team brought their unique skills to the table, making every task seem perfectly assigned to our team. But our mission wasn’t just about completing projects; it was about building relationships and spreading God’s love. As we worked alongside the children, we were deeply moved by their resilience and joy. Their laughter was infectious and their gratitude for even the smallest things was humbling.

In the midst of serving others, we found ourselves being served in ways we never expected. The children taught us valuable lessons about gratitude and living with a joyful heart. As we worshiped together in a different language, we were reminded of the diversity and beauty of God’s kingdom. This was a realization that struck me, and I was reminded of the vastness of God’s kingdom. There are Christians worldwide seeking after the Lord and that was such an encouragement to my heart. I had the opportunity to meet a 10-year-old girl named Polet, and she had such a heart for Jesus. It was so amazing to see her reading her Spanish Bible and having such a strong desire for the Word of God at a young age. As we said goodbye to Oaxaca and returned home, our hearts were full of gratitude for the experiences we shared and the lives we touched.

Though our mission trip may have come to an end, the memories and lessons learned will stay with us forever. Psalm 117:1 captures the essence of our journey perfectly: ‘Praise the Lord, all nations! Extol him, all peoples!’ Our time in Mexico was a testament to God’s love for all His children, and we are grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of it.

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