Gospel Teams

FLBC Gospel Teams exist to encourage congregations, to point people to Jesus Christ, and to provide a connection between FLBC and the congregations.

On many weekends throughout the school-year, teams travel to churches (both local and distant) to share the message of the gospel through music, give testimonies of God’s work at Bible School, teach children the truth through drama and puppets, and build relationships with people and families.

Meet Our Teams

We have several gospel teams of dedicated students ready to serve you! If you would like one of these teams to visit your church or event, find the Gospel Teams Request form below.


Nursing Home

(Left to Right) Eliah Ricke, Mia Estwick, Ashley Feist, Jackelyn Bingham, Rachel Johnson, Sierra Wilhelm, Annah Behne



(Left to Right) Back Row: Jack Jordan, Brett Erickson, Mathew Smith, William Alverson, Quincy Jensen

Front Row: Kristina Korhonen, Alison Mundfrom, Lexy Spilde, Kaetlyn Kramer, Rose Zeltinger,Joanna Erickson, Rebecca Olson

Puppet Team

(Left to Right) Back Row: Joshua Moe, Dragon Huynhmai

Front Row: Matthew Moore, Sarah Duffy, Lydia Carr, Elisabeth Borg, Mark Thonsgaard

Women’s Trio

(Left to Right) Amy Johnson, Keziah Quanbeck, Caley Pederson, Lindsey Pavlish


(Left to Right) Nathan Crellin, Emma Auld, Sophie Burtman, Bethany Danielson, Hunter Berntson


Worship Team (Basketball)

(Left to Right) Matthew Monseth, Natasha Ordonez, Micah Moan, Grace Dryburgh, Miciah Renn, Micah Blake, Greta Eder


Worship Team

(Left to Right) Zach Kupser, Peter Wunderlich, Hallie Dutton, Maggie Johnson, Miah Johnson, Rebecca Lynnes, Isaac Skogerboe

Vespers Coordinators

(Left to Right) Julia Albright, Grant Jones

This year, we have three different worship team entities.

The Worship Team consists exclusively of non-basketball players. This make-up will allow them to travel more often.

The Worship Team (Basketball) consists exclusively of basketball players. This make-up will allow them to share while on basketball trips, as well as occasionally travel on other weekends.

The Vespers Coordinators are in charge of creating a new and unique team for each outing and each campus opportunity. This make-up allows for consistency of leadership, and also offers the opportunity for many other students to be a part of a worship team.

If you are requesting a worship team, you may designate which one, or you may designate any worship team.

Request a Team

Fill out the Gospel Team Request Form if you’d like to have a Gospel Team come to your home church! You may also call our office with any questions/requests (763.544.9501).