Gospel Teams


FLBC Gospel Teams exist to encourage congregations, point people to Jesus Christ, and provide a connection between FLBC and congregations.

On many weekends throughout the school year, teams travel to churches (both local and distant) to share the message of the gospel through music, give testimonies of God’s work at Bible College, and build relationships with people and families. These trips also provide students an opportunity to see first hand the function of a local congregation.


Because schedules fill fast, please make your requests early.  We do our best to fill every request but traditionally haven’t been able to fulfill requests after February of the current school year. Should a scheduled outing need to be suspended for any reason, we will do our best to reschedule.

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Meet Our Teams (2022-2023)

We have several gospel teams of dedicated students ready to serve you! If you would like one of these teams to visit your church or event, submit a Gospel Teams Request form below.


Women's Trio

Britta Roehrich, Abby Peterson, Ellen Dalager, Kiana Olson


Mixed Quartet

Malena Twedt, Luke Dryburgh, Titus Johnson, Ryan Erickson, Breanna Heinrichs


Worship Team

Evan Osweiller, Meeghan McNear, Victor Hembree, Jacob Thornblad, Nick Lunde, Stephenie Kelso


Conquerors Praise Team

Anna Renn, Kiah Jensen, Caden Larson, Ava Torfin, Micah Holt, Kelly Greven


Puppet Drama Team

Matthew Hooper, Leona Anderson, Aili Keranen, Madeline Hanka, Asher Cheek, Bronson Bickel, Erik Besser, Wyatt Whitchurch, Rebekah Cavallin.

The Women’s Trio and the Mixed Quartet are vocal ensembles that focus on sharing special music type songs. By the end of the year, their goal is to be able to provide up to 30-45 minutes of song and testimony.

The Worship Team and Conquerors Praise Team focus on leading congregational songs, either for a church service or for a dedicated praise and worship event/service.

The Puppet and Drama Team will focus on short skits and sketches that can be shared during Sunday School or church services.

If you are requesting a team, you may designate a specific team (ex. example, mixed quartet) or a specific type of team (ex. any worship team).

Gospel Teams travel to congregations without the expectation of a donation. If the church/organization is in a position to give a gift to the school, please consider an amount that would help cover the costs of transportation.


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