Gospel Teams

FLBC Gospel Teams exist to encourage congregations, to point people to Jesus Christ, and to provide a connection between FLBC and the congregations.

On many weekends throughout the school-year, teams travel to churches (both local and distant) to share the message of the gospel through music, give testimonies of God’s work at Bible School, and build relationships with people and families. These trips also provide students an opportunity to see first hand the function of a local congregation.

Teams for the current school year are listed below along with a request form. Congregations can also request a representative from the Bible College to share an update and/or preach a sermon.

Note: Because schedules fill fast, please make your requests early.  We do our best to fill every request but traditionally haven’t been able to fulfill requests after February of the current school year.  Also, please note that travel may be suspended depending on potential covid-related conditions.  Should a scheduled outing need to be suspended, we will do our best to reschedule.

Meet Our Teams

We have several gospel teams of dedicated students ready to serve you! If you would like one of these teams to visit your church or event, find the Gospel Teams Request form below.


Mixed Quartet

Pictured from Left to Right: Rachel Sperry, Kyle Erickson, Britta Roehrich, Adam Dalager, Maria Overman


Men’s Quartet

Pictured from Left to Right: Carter Kneeland, Matthew Helland, Brennan Johnson, Luke Dryburgh


Women’s Ensemble

Pictured from Left to Right: Kayla Laskowske, Malena Twedt, Katy Meester, Sophia Lucht, Olivia Reimer, Kayla Smith, Abby Peterson


Basketball Praise Team

Pictured from Left to Right: Micah Moan, Kiah Jensen, Bria Larson, Zach Simonson, Bryce Gray, Shelby Greven

Worship Team

Pictured from Left to Right: Sarah Gullickson, Victor Hembree, Corrie McNear, Jacob Thornblad, Stephenie Kelso, Christopher Hooper, Reise Stromstad


Vespers Team

Pictured from Left to Right: Damaris Olson, Esther Nelson, Sara Maifeld, Lily Bandy

This year, we have three different worship team entities.

The Worship Team consists exclusively of non-basketball players. This make-up will allow them to travel more often.

The Basketball Praise Team consists exclusively of basketball players. This make-up will allow them to share while on basketball trips, as well as occasionally travel on other weekends.

The Vespers Team Coordinators are in charge of creating a new and unique team for each outing and each campus opportunity. This make-up allows for consistency of leadership, and also offers the opportunity for many other students to be a part of a worship team.

If you are requesting a worship team, you may designate a specific team, or you may designate any worship team.

Gospel Teams will consider traveling to congregations without the expectation of a donation to the school. If the church is in a position to give a gift, please consider an amount that could help cover the costs of transportation.

Request a Team

Students have begun to learn music and are eager to share during the 2020-2021 school year. We are currently accepting requests in a similar manner as in previous years. Once a request has been submitted, we will share it with the Gospel Team. We will let you know if they are able to fill the request. Because of the varying and fluid nature of local and state responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as our school’s desire to limit the spread of the virus, we are unable to guarantee the completion of the accepted request. ​If a student were to be in contact with a Covid-19 positive and the team is unable to travel, our Gospel Teams Coordinator, Cindy Beck, will communicate with the contact person from the church/camp as soon as possible.

Fill out the Gospel Team Request Form if you’d like to have a Gospel Team come to your home church! You may also call our office with any questions/requests (763.544.9501).

  • (if multiple dates, please list in order of preference)
  • (please list in order of preference or list “no preference”)

Covid-19 Guidelines

  • Students will not stay in a host home that has had known contact with a Covid-19 positive case within 14 days.
  • Students will be required to wear a mask in locations where it is mandated.
  • The Gospel team will not travel if a student on the team has had known contact with a Covid-19 positive case within 14 days.