Summer Institute of Theology 2024

Date: August 5 - August 9

Summer Institute of Theology is a week-long lecture series focused on theology and ministry. Each year, you will hear from a great lineup of speakers composed of our esteemed FLBCS faculty and excellent guest lecturers. After class, enjoy one-on-one conversations with other pastors and church leaders, and experience the close-knit community of Free Lutheran Bible College and Seminary.

Eventgoers can choose to partake in optional catered lunches throughout the week and a St. Paul Saints game on Aug 6.


Session A (Plenary)

Pastoral Theology: The Care of Souls—Dr. Harold Senkbeil
Pastors and lay leaders are entrusted with precious souls. Noted author and speaker Dr. Harold Senkbeil will teach how God cultivates a heart for shepherding and caring for souls, sharing practical and relevant wisdom from his many decades of pastoral ministry.

Session B (Choose 1)

Means of Grace in the Congregation—Dr. Steve Mundfrom
Steve will teach a Lutheran theology of the sacraments, focusing especially on their use in the congregation and impact on congregational life.

Romans—Rev. Adam Osier
Adam will teach through several portions of Paul’s letter to the Romans, highlighting key theological themes and applications to congregational and pastoral ministry.

Session C (Choose 1)

Lutheranism in Scandinavia—Rev. Brian Lunn
This course will examine the church history of the Scandinavian countries from the Reformation to the present, including Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Estonia, the Sami, Finland, and Norway. Special emphasis will be placed on periods of spiritual awakening.

Youth/Family Ministry Workshops—Jordan Langness
Looking to Scripture, this series of workshops will equip pastors and lay leaders with theological and practical considerations for youth ministry in their congregation. What does the Bible say about teen ministry? Where does ministry to teens happen? How can church leadership encourage and support their youth workers?

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