Every class at the Free Lutheran Bible College is devoted to the study of God’s Word and its application for life and faith in Jesus Christ. Students are not only earning transferable college credits and a Diploma in Biblical Studies, they are making an eternal investment. Whatever future career or vocation they pursue, they will be ready to face life’s most difficult questions and challenges head on.


Free Lutheran Bible College

33 Bible/Theology Credits in 2 Years

MN Christian Universities*

17 Bible/Theology Credits in 4 Years

*Based on the average required Bible/Theology credits at seven of the largest Minnesota Christian Universities. (2021-22)

FLBC students earn more Bible/Theology credits in 2 years, than most Christian Universities require in 4 years.



Learn how to understand and apply Scripture.

Trace God’s story of salvation throughout the entire Bible.

Prepare to share and defend your faith.


Discover the biblical roles and responsibilities in the congregation.


Formulate a biblical worldview that provides a foundation for the Christian life


 Understand historic Lutheran doctrine

The curriculum at FLBC is designed to provide students with instruction in both Old and New Testament books, foundational Christian doctrines in Scripture, practical training for their personal life and ministry.



BI 1101 | Pentateuch

BI 1101 is a three credit course which is an introduction to the first five books of the Bible, emphasizing their Mosaic authorship and their unity, as well as the foundation they set for the entire Bible (Old and New Testament). The books of Genesis and Deuteronomy will receive special focus.

BI 1112 | Historical Books

BI 1112 is a three credit course in which the history of God’s people is studied from their entrance into the Promised Land under Joshua until their return from the Babylonian captivity about one thousand years later. Emphasis is placed on the enduring spiritual lessons of this history.

BI 1203 | Luke and Acts

BI 1203 is a three credit course studying Luke’s writings regarding the life of Christ and the early Church with special emphasis on Jesus ushering in the kingdom of God with an invitation for all people and how that kingdom is physically manifested in the local congregation.

BI 2121 | Major Prophets

BI 2121 is a three credit courses in which the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel are introduced. The focus of the course will be a systematic historical, and devotional study of Isaiah with application for the church and our world today. Special emphasis will be placed on the book’s Messianic prophecies.

BI 2201 | Gospel of John

BI 2201 is a three credit course which presents eyewitness testimony that Jesus Christ is the incarnate Son of God, the Lamb of God, sent to be the Savior of the world. The purpose of this Gospel is to bring the reader into a personal relationship with Christ as Savior and Lord. The call to repentance of sin and faith in Jesus is presented as the only way to experience “life in His name”.

BI 3132 | Minor Prophets  

BI 3132 is a three credit course in which all twelve books of the minor prophets are introduced and placed in historical context. A number of the books will be studied exegetically to discover their primary meaning and significance.

BI 3214 | Romans

BI 3212 is a three credit course with Paul’s inspired letter to the Romans as the focus, offering a rich blend of doctrinal theology and practical application. This powerful book highlight the foundational truths of justification by grace through faith and also demonstrate how the theology of salvation applies to daily Christian living.

BI 3221 | Pastoral Epistles

BI 3221 is a three credit course featuring expositional studies in the letters of I and II Thessalonians, I and II Timothy, and Titus. Giving attention to shepherding principles and eternal truths found in these inspired books, students analyze their central messages and study parts of these letters in detail. Students also study the call, role, and ministry of the pastor, deacon, and members of the congregation.

BI 3224 | Corinthian Epistles

BI 3224 is a two credit course which studies Paul’s Epistles to the Corinthians, focusing on the message of the cross as God’s powerful key to addressing problems within a struggling congregation. These letters provide timeless insights from Paul’s example in ministry which are vital for congregational life today.


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Andrew Hanson

Director of Music

Dr. Jerry Moan

New Testament; Director of Learning Resources

Dr. Wade Mobley

President, FLBCS

Dr. James Molstre

Chief Academic Officer

Rev. Steve Mundfrom

Systematic Theology; Church History

Dr. Brent Olson

Old Testament

Dr. Nathan Olson

New Testament; Systematic Theology

Adam Osier

Dean, FLBC

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