Student Life


Discipleship without Distance

Over 90% of FLBC students live on campus. Dedicated student life staff, engaged faculty, and a student body of growing believers come together to form a community that points one another to Christ. This intentional in-person discipleship brings about lasting transformation.


Campus & Location

The Free Lutheran Bible College is located on the east side of Medicine Lake in Plymouth, Minnesota, with easy access to the larger Twin Cities area. Students are able to explore the cities or experience life in the suburbs during their time at FLBC.

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Dorm Life

Christians are not called to isolation. Dorm life at FLBC facilitates life-on-life discipleship. Students participate in Christ-centered activities with their neighbors each week, putting what they learn in the classroom into practice in their relationships.

Devotional Life

Students are provided the opportunity to engage with the Word in devotional settings throughout the week. Dorm devotions take place on Monday evenings, where each dorm gathers to spend time in the Word. Thursday nights are wing devotions, which is when students gather in smaller groups of their dorm room neighbors.



Each Tuesday and Thursday students gather for a time of worshipping the Lord and receiving the Word with the larger campus community. This also gives students a setting to gain experience in leading parts of the worship service—experience they can take with them into their congregations.

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Student Mission Fellowship

Student Mission Fellowship is a student led group on campus that plans outreach activities for students. Whether it’s learning about current missionaries or participating in service opportunities for other organizations, SMF seeks to give students the chance to participate in hands-on ministry.

Student Council

Student Council is the governing council of the student body. Students can communicate their concerns and suggestions to the Student Council through class representatives and officers. Student Council also works with the Student Life Team to help promote events and activities that impact the quality of student life on campus.


Intramural sports provide students with the opportunity to participate in competitive play with their peers. Currently, the common interests for intramurals include: Ultimate Frisbee, Softball, Soccer, and Volleyball.

Maker's Collective

Maker’s Collective is a club for students that exists to provide creative activities and encourage students to use their creative talents. A few events are planned throughout the academic year that allow students to showcase the creative gifts the Lord has given to them.

Student Services


FLBC provides biblically based lay counseling services on campus with a referral process that also enables students to see a counselor off campus if the need arises. Students also have the option to go through academic counseling if they would like assistance in planning out their assignment schedule and increased accountability in completing assignments in a timely manner.


FLBC has made Microsoft Office 365 available and required for all students to access. This includes a student .edu email, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PPT, and more. In addition, each student is given access to Populi where they can find information related to projects and class schedules, as well as submit assignments digitally.


Part-Time Employment

Class schedules conclude at 12:45 PM each day, allowing students to find part time employment. Many businesses actively recruit FLBC students. This provides not only income, but also an opportunity for students to serve their neighbor and spread the light of Christ in the community.