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Job Opportunity Submission - Alumni : Entry # 6617
Rockwell Family
Opportunity Description
We are a family of 9 living in Maple Grove with 7 kids with ages of 13 g, almost 11 g, 10 g, 7-year-old b/g twins, and 5-year-old identical b/b twins. We are looking for someone for up to 6-7 hours per day for 2-3 days per week to take help care for the children (get dressed, feed lunch, play games, etc.), help the the children with their homeschool, meal preparation, wash dishes, process laundry, and other daily household tasks, as needed. We have a cleaning service that cleans the house once a week, so our nanny position does not include cleaning tasks that are performed weekly (cleaning bathrooms, mopping, etc.). Candidate must be comfortable with mom being home most of the time.

• Take care of the 5 year olds (get dressed, feed lunch, play games, read books, etc.)
• Help kids with homeschool assignments. Our kids need help both with learning how to do the work that has been assigned as well as with encouragement to do the work.
• Encourage the children to do their assigned chores. Each child has 2 main tasks that they are responsible for each day, such as loading the dishwasher, vacuuming, etc. Each of them are capable of doing the work, but each needs encouragement to do it, and sometimes help.
• When weather permits, take the children to local parks, (either walking or driving), supervise games in the back yard, etc. In general, encourage the kids to run around and get exercise at some point each day.
• Meal preparation, especially at lunch time. Typical tasks include cutting fruits and vegetables, making sandwiches, and cooking/baking.
• Process laundry, including loading and running the washer, transferring to the dryer, folding, and putting away clothes. One of the older 3 are assigned to help with laundry each day.
• Other daily household tasks, such as vacuuming, picking up toys, cleaning spills, etc.

• Christian world-view
• Joyful attitude toward taking care of children
• Ability to take initiative; it’s okay to try something that doesn’t work out.
• “All-in” attitude to helping our family; willingness to do what needs to be done
• Experience taking care of multiple children at a time
• Experience providing academic instruction to pre-school and elementary children
• Ability to help the children stay on task and on schedule; for example, completing all homeschool assignments by 3:00pm.
8350 Zanzibar Ct N
Maple Grove, MN 55311
Map It
(651) 341-8936