Concert Choir Prepares for Scandinavia Tour

Members of the Free Lutheran Bible College Concert Choir look forward to adding fjords and ferry rides to their sightseeing list next spring. The 37 FLBC students participating in the 2024 Scandinavia Tour will traverse the birthplace of the Lutheran Free Church while sharing the gospel through song and testimony in local congregations and Bible Schools. These students will also travel to nearby Midwest churches in March as they prepare for their overseas tour, April 28-May 18, 2024.  

Spring semester tours are core to the training and ministry of both Bible College Choirs. Members of the Proclaim Choir will embark on two weekend trips to Free Lutheran churches across the Midwest next spring. Concerts and events along the way give students a chance to share Christ through their performances and see the Lord at work in the local congregation.  

Adam Lee, son of retired AFLC president Pr. Robert Lee, will manage the Scandinavia tour schedule. Lee served a similar role on a 2018 tour to Eastern Europe. This year’s tour starts with three days singing at churches on the Faroe Islands. After a couple days in Denmark, students will perform a majority of their concerts throughout Norway. Stops on this leg include Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, and Trondheim. The trip will circle back to Oslo, concluding with a visit to the birthplace of Hans Nielsen Hauge. Students will learn more about the revival Hauge sparked in Norway over 200 years ago.   

FLBC’s Director of Music, Mr. Andrew Hanson, stated, “We are looking forward to growing in many ways, to worshiping God, and to sharing the Gospel through song… We do see every tour, especially this one, as an evangelistic mission trip opportunity, and plan to focus on sharing the Gospel and supporting the greater body of Christ.” Second year choir member, Olivia Underwood (Bethel Park, PA) added, “This trip is such an amazing way to apply what FLBC students have learned during our time here at Bible College. Remembering to live on mission no matter the situation, our goal is to live out the great commission and portray Christ through our love and example.” 

For additional information about the trip visit This page includes a list of prayer needs and a donation form to offset student travel fees. FLBCS supporters also have an opportunity to join a companion tour May 6 to May 18. Guests on this companion tour will enjoy hearing the performances and joining the students for sightseeing stops in Norway. Those interested in learning more about this companion tour should email

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