Core Questions

My favorite class to teach at FLBC is a course that all students take second year, second semester: Apologetics and Christian Thought. The course is laid out around five questions, taken loosely from an old Garret DeWeese and J. P. Moreland text called Philosophy Made Slightly Less Difficult: 

  • Why?(The field of philosophy.)
  • Who am I? (The field of anthropology.)
  • What is real? (The field of ontology.)
  • How do I know what I know? (The field of epistemology.)
  • How should I live? (The field of ethics.)

The course is most certainly an introduction to these questions and others that arise from their consideration, but nobody falls asleep. These fundamental questions demand an answer, and not just from the faithful, but from every precious, eternal human soul.  

As our students “go anywhere” from here, they will encounter various answers to these fundamental questions. Many souls are shaken by bad answers to these questions, or even their consideration. But students leaving FLBC, being grounded in God’s Word, are less likely to be shaken in a way that produces negative results. We place this course late in our program so that students can apply what they have learned from God’s Word to any and every circumstance they can imagine.  

During this past year everyone has been forced to consider fundamental (foundational), primary (of first importance), and ultimate (transcendent) questions. This is the work to which God has called us, and it is our joy to enter into it. Enjoy what you see in these pages. Then engage yourself or encourage another to do so. Start here. Go anywhere. Grounded in God’s Word.  

P.S. Would you consider joining us on campus for the AFLC Annual Conference in June? It may look for all the world like a bunch of business meetings, but honestly, it becomes more like a family reunion. The beauty of the AFLC is that you can actually make a difference in our national church body ( Plus, it will be held in our new Student Life Center. You won’t regret the investment of time. 

By Dr. Wade Mobley [FLBCS President] 



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