Happy Birthday to Me

A year and a half ago, not many of us considered the importance of good soap and just how long 20 seconds can last. But now we can all appreciate the craft that goes into a buttery bar with the right notes of peppermint or coconut.

If you’re Reba Cox, you’ve become enamored with the science of making soap. Reba’s new hobby started last fall when, given lots of free time, she decided to watch a few how-to videos on YouTube. After a trip to a discount store for supplies, she had her first bars slowly saponifying in plastic bowls lined with wax paper. She was hooked! Now, says Reba, “I’m fancy and I own the right tools.”

So the next time you saddle up to the sink and lather your hands for two “Happy Birthday” songs, use the time to appreciate the hours that people like Reba put into her handicraft. And if you’re lucky, she knows your birthday. (Psst, mine’s April 9.)

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