Intercessor Team Update – October

For I will pour water on the thirsty land,
    and streams on the dry ground;
I will pour my Spirit upon your offspring,
    and my blessing on your descendants.
They shall spring up among the grass
    like willows by flowing streams.
This one will say, ‘I am the Lord’s,’
    another will call on the name of Jacob,
and another will write on his hand, ‘The Lord’s,’
    and name himself by the name of Israel.
Isaiah 44:3-5

This time of the year, when the harvest is gathered in, we are reminded of the blessings that God has poured out upon us.  When we pause for a bit to think of it, we can rattle off a list as long as our arm of the blessings we have received.  We especially notice during those ‘highlight’ moments of life, but every day, any day, we are richly blessed.  One of the blessings we have been given is found in our Bible College and Seminary.  These are places that have been specifically set aside for our young people, our descendants, to come away and focus on what God has done for them and what He would seek to do through them as they place themselves in His hands.  

As a member of the Board of Trustees I would invite you to join us as we continue to uphold the AFLC Bible College and Seminary in prayer.

  • Thanksgiving for the work of the boards and committees of AFLC ministries that recently met on campus.
  • Prayer for upcoming events including UpClose, Alumni Tournament, and Friends of FLBCS Banquet.
  • Pray that students would be rejuvenated and ready for the second half of the semester after a two day fall break from classes.
  • Prayer for students as they meet in Discipleship groups once a week.
  • Prayer for seminary students as they prepare for mid-term assignments.
  • Pray for the music department – prep work for concerts, tours, and fundraising efforts for those going on the Scandinavia Tour.
  • Prayer for the athletic department as the basketball teams are beginning their seasons and the volleyball team has just ended theirs.
  • Overall health of students, staff, and faculty as the fall and winter seasons include more time congregating indoors.

Thank you for your prayers and support of the ministry of the AFLC Bible College and Seminary.

Nathan Dalager
Board of Trustees | Moorhead, MN

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