Seek First His Kingdom, His Righteousness

Malena Twedt

“Seek first his kingdom, and all these things shall be added to you” (Matthew 6:33). These words sound like they would be easy to follow, but I struggled with seeking out God in many situations. I often found myself stressing about who I was going to spend the rest of my life with and how I was going to pay for everything I would need for college. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that my heart began to actively seek out God in every opportunity I possibly could. From changing friend groups, to applying for scholarships, and then praying that I would be able to afford college expenses.

When I sought out God, I often found peace and comfort, knowing that He would provide everything that I would need. I began to actively search out God, and He pointed me toward friends who were good encouragements for me. He pointed out my family, who always cared about and loved me. Even though I still stressed about money, God helped me keep my eyes focused on Him. He gave me the right words to say and granted me scholarships to help pay for college. I realized that everything I have now is because God has provided for me in many ways. And now, He wants me to help seek out those in trouble, so that I can help others seek Him, who provides.

Emma Dahl

I struggle with prayer. I either convince myself that my situation isn’t big enough to be worthy of prayer or that I shouldn’t bother God with my life. These thoughts have damaged my prayer life. Instead of coming to God first, I try to solve my problems on my own. And if I can’t figure it out on my own, then I’ll bring it to a close friend. Coming to God was a last resort for me. God is still teaching me about prayer.

It is good to be surrounded by friends and mentors on campus who will point me back to Christ, reminding me that He is always going to care about me and my struggles. Even though they might not be big life-changing things, God wants me to bring everything to Him. I struggle with self-worth and insecurities, so it is hard for me to believe that someone as powerful as God could want to know me. I know that I am so loved by Him, and I want to seek Him first every day. But Satan uses the things of this world to bring me down constantly, making me doubt that I am worthy. I constantly need to be reminded of His grace. I am so grateful that I can come to God in any situation.

Ethan Vogelsberger

While I was growing up, my household never put a priority on religion. God had given me gracious gifts, including a well-regulated school, a safe neighborhood, and highly supportive parents. As I got to high school, that all started to go downhill. My parents had just divorced, and I began to get lazy and complacent with my schoolwork. I began to think that I was a disappointment because of how angry I would make my mother all the time, and I had started to compare my inferiorities to the success of other classmates.

It was in my senior year, when I found Ruthfred Evangelical Lutheran congregation (Bethel Park, Pa.), that it all started to turn around. God had begun to work inside my heart, and He brought me to the realization that He has a plan for everyone, no matter how broken they may be. He dispelled the lies that I had created in my head and brought me to live my life with confidence, knowing that He has a purpose for me.

He then led me here to the FLBC, and I cannot be more grateful to Him for providing such a unique opportunity. I get to spend two years fully devoted to building my relationship with God and strengthening my faith in a world where Satan is running rampant among us. I cannot wait to see what He has in store for the future, and I want to thank FLBC for giving me the chance to be here.

Isaiah Miller

The Bible College has had a huge impact on my life and is a place that will always hold a dear spot in my heart. That is why it was such a hard decision after my first year in 2018-2019 to start an internship instead of returning for my second year. The past couple of years working in Fargo were a tough and trying time for me, and I missed the community and studies at FLBC. I often thought about coming back, even though a lot had changed from my first year. I would shake off the thought of returning, but it would always seem to come back to my mind. I felt that God wanted to use me in a different way than working in a retail job.

I missed diving into God’s Word every day. I eventually reached out to a couple of people who work at FLBC and had many long discussions about the logistics of coming back. Eventually, I decided to seek God’s Word and teachings at FLBC once again. I could not have been more excited to come back even though all my friends from my first year were gone. I feel like I’ve come home. It’s a calming feeling. FLBC is an incredible place, and I’m grateful every day that I can be back on campus making new friends and studying God’s Word.

Danny Faber [Bible College]

“God makes all things new” is one of the most powerful aspects of our God. He forgives me for my past transgressions, and He makes all my sins white as snow. I came from a Christian home but decided I wanted to go on my own path and deny God. That led to all sorts of problems, many of which I never thought I could forgive myself for. I came to Bible College to get away from home, but my problems followed me here, and I realized I needed a Savior.

I gave my heart to Jesus a few months into my first semester. I look back and wonder why I never accepted Christ into my heart sooner, because it is true: He makes all things new for those who trust in Him. I came to FLBC believing I would never connect with any of the people here, but I was mistaken. I have met my best friends and people I call family. I was lost and in need of good influences and people in my life. I needed something much greater than what is of this world. I found that at FLBC, and you can, too!

Cameron Fouks [Bible College]

As I look to the future, I can’t help but look back to see how God has worked in my life, especially in the last year. If you had met me a year ago, you would have met a burned out and very pessimistic person who always saw the worst in people. Still, I knew this needed to change because I was unhappy. God knew this, too, and gave me a shove in the right direction after a couple of years of my mother and brother telling me I should go to FLBC.

I started filling out an application, got halfway, and thought I’d finish it later. Fast forward a couple of months, and I’d forgotten about it. But after an infuriating day at work, I was sitting in my car cooling off and contemplating quitting when I got a phone call from the admissions advisor, Dalton. He convinced me to finish the application and told me that he would be praying for me. That phone call helped me decide to take a year and go back to college. I later received a letter from the dean, reassuring me that I made a good decision. Throughout the last year, I’ve made friends who encourage me in my walk with God. God has changed me to love people I don’t know, and He has helped me to see what I am without Him in my heart. He has convicted me and proven that He is trustworthy and true.

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