What I Wish I Knew Then (And What I Want You To Know Now)

Pastor Wade Mobley
President, Free Lutheran Schools

At FLBC we say “Start here, go anywhere, grounded in God’s Word.” I am one of the students who didn’t start here, but came here after college. I spent the first four years of my collegiate education at South Dakota State University (go Jacks), studying electrical engineering, physics, math, and physical education. Ask me about that combination sometime.

When I started at SDSU I didn’t give a full effort. It’s hard for me to admit to that, because giving a full effort is pretty important to me now, but I skipped a lot of class. I tell students all the time: “Go to class, do your homework, and you’ll do well.” I didn’t go to class, so I didn’t do as well as I should have.

When I had the opportunity to study God’s Word at FLBC, though, I was well past my class skipping days. I was afraid I would miss something, and it wasn’t calculus, it was God’s Word! I didn’t want to get a few hours of extra sleep at the expense of missing something from God’s Word.

This lesson is one of the lessons that we try to pass on to our students, but that some need to learn on their own. Alumni, in 100 words or less, share with us two lessons that you wish your younger self knew and practiced so you can help us mentor our incoming students. You can email your lesson to aflbs@flbc.edu. Please provide your name and years at the college. (i.e. John Smith, 1991-93)

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