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Throughout my life, AFLBS has been at the forefront of where I wanted to go after high school. I have always been familiar with the campus. My dad has taught both Bible school and seminary students, and now my mom has even started working at AFLBS. They naturally wanted me to go to the Bible school, but thankfully, they never made me choose it. I also have four older brothers who graduated from AFLBS and loved the experience. While their influence was important and impacted me, it was not what convinced me. Campus Days, the FLY Convention, and AFLBS basketball games are all things which have made me desire AFLBS more and more. Still, these things did not quite convince me.  

If I’m truly being transparent, I believe I chose AFLBS because I want to change. In my heart, I know my sin, but I also believe God can and will mold me, and God has called me to AFLBS to have that vocation as a student of His Word. I have witnessed lives changed by God through the Bible school over and over again, and I want to see spiritual change and growth in my life. Likewise, I also pray that I may be used by God to influence and encourage others in their walk with Christ. God has been faithful to me, and I, in return, want to be faithful to Him. This is God’s will, and I happily say that this also is mine. Undeniably, He has already worked in incredible ways in my life and has made me desire Himself and His Word. This, in and of itself, is a powerful testimony of God’s unending grace in my life. 

Micah Moan [AFLBS junior] is a member of Solid Rock Free Lutheran, Anoka, Minn. 

This article first appeared in Kinship Magazine, Fall 2018 Edition.

Kinship is a magazine of the Free Lutheran Schools. Stay up to date on latest news, student stories, classroom highlights, and fun tidbits about life on the AFLBS and AFLTS campus.

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