Intercessor Team Update – August

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts… Let the Word of Christ richly dwell within you… Colossians 3:15-16

Thank you for praying for the Free Lutheran Bible College and Seminary, and for receiving this update and prayer guide. 

I officiated a wedding last weekend and preached on Colossians 3:12-17. It’s quite the passage. While studying it afresh I noticed something I had not noticed before. If the peace of Christ is threatened in your life, the place to turn is the Word of Christ. And that’s exactly what we do at FLBC. 

This summer I have seen first-hand how God is blessing and using our graduates all across the AFLC and the United States. What we are doing matters, and when I see young people who have married, are now raising kids, and serving as lay people in their congregations it motivates me to keep investing in our mission of establishing students in the eternal and inerrant Word of God for a life of faith in Jesus Christ and faithful service in His kingdom. 

Will you please join me in prayer and praise?

  • Praise God for 100 “for sure” (as of this writing) incoming or returning students for this fall. 
  • Please pray for 14 students who are still deciding whether or not to enroll or return. 
  • Praise God for continued strong enrollment. We’re not at capacity, but it keeps ticking up each year.
  • Praise God for 8 new seminary students.
  • Please pray for these men and their families as they prepare for future ministry. 
  • Praise God for a handful of new employees on campus, some of who assume roles that were empty last year. Students will benefit from this staffing in the areas of discipleship, academic excellence, food service, and recruiting/admissions. 
  • Praise God for a good week of Summer Institute of Theology (actually this week) on campus. 
  • Pray for healthy ministry and ministers in AFLC congregations and ministries. 
  • Praise God for our Corporation and Board of Trustees and their investment in our mission. 
  • Please pray for two new Board of Trustees members (Pastor Steve Snipstead and Mr. Nathan Dalager) as they begin service and the learning curve of Christian Higher Education.
  • Join us in thanking God for faithful service by Pastor Todd Erickson and Mr. Dean Nelson, both of which are no longer on the Board of Trustees.

In Christ,

Pastor Wade Mobley

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