Intercessor Team Update – June

Whoever corrects a mocker invites insults; whoever rebukes the wicked incurs abuse. Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you; rebuke the wise and they will love you. Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. Proverbs 9:7-10 

Dear Friend, 

Thank you for praying for the Free Lutheran Bible College and Seminary, her students, and the congregations they will serve. It occurs to me that a big part of what we try to impart to students is simple wisdom. When students are “established in the Word of God for life in Jesus Christ” it looks a lot like wisdom. Oh that our nation, homes, and congregations would be led by men and women of wisdom.  

Thank you for praying for the ministry of the Bible College and Seminary. God is our provider and protector.  

Thank God for: 

  • His continued provision for FLBCS 
  • Great staff members joining our team this summer 
  • The joy of thinking of ways to better carry out our mission 
  • A successful process of training in board governance, strategic planning, and donor relations 
  • A beautiful graduation ceremony in May 
  • A large (8+) incoming class for Seminary 
  • A solid incoming and returning class for Bible College 

Please pray for: 

  • Preparation for students coming to campus to start their studies in the fall 
  • Safety in travel for our summer teams 
  • An informational and encouraging Annual Conference in Sioux Falls 
  • A productive and fruitful Summer Institute of Theology in August 
  • Wisdom to navigate societal and governmental challenges, especially in Minnesota 

Thank you for praying, and may Jesus Christ richly bless you. 

In Christ’s Love, 

Pastor Wade Mobley 

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