Intercessor Team Update – May

And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. – Matthew 24:12 (ESV)

In the past weeks we have been working on a publication or two that highlights the great need for someplace like Free Lutheran Bible College and Seminary. Some understand the need to establish students in the eternal and inerrant Word of God for a life of faith in Jesus Christ and faithful service in His kingdom. Others don’t.

For those who don’t we find ourselves repeating troubling statistics about how a certain percentage of students leave their faith during college or never had a secure faith at all, or don’t engage in congregational life until they have kids– if then. And there is more every day in the headlines. Just yesterday (April 27, 2023) the State of Minnesota passed legislation allowing for abortion through all nine months’ gestation and (in the same law somehow) allowing for removing children from families where they are being denied surgical and/or chemical alteration to match their self-perceived “gender identity.”

There is a simultaneous need to cite these matters at a temptation to do so ad nauseum. As such, we face twin perils:

  • We cannot allow ourselves to become numb to evil or allow societal acceptance of evil to catechize us.
  • We cannot allow our love to grow cold. Deluded souls are captives and unwitting collaborators more than architects of evil.

I admit that I fall prey to one of these, and I repent.

God is doing great work on our campus, and around this time of year we see that great work graduate and move on to greatness in homes, congregations, and communities. We meet a new crop in the next weeks and months. We reload and recalibrate to better deliver our program and fulfill our mission in and through the lives of our students. Just today I will re-evaluate the class I just finished teaching, trying to make every year I teach it better. That’s what we’re up to.

Please thank God for:

  • His abundant provision for this academic year, and all the students who have been established in God’s Word.
  • A handful of faithful employees who have served well but move on in the coming weeks/months.
  • New employees to fulfill those positions and round out other areas of our ministry.
  • Our recent achievement of five-year reaffirmation of accreditation.
  • A committed dorms staff devoted to discipleship outside of the classroom.
  • Good enrollment for next fall, including at least eight new, first-year seminary students.

Please ask God for:

  • Our Bible College and Seminary students who are about to graduate. Pray for what comes next, and that their “establishment” in the Word of God would be evident to all.
  • Faithful ministry in and through congregations with our summer teams.
  • Our/your city, state, and nation. Pray for faithful exercise of vocational excellence for all.
  • Good ministry, spiritual health, and congregational life in the AFLC, or in your church body.
  • A couple of key positions to hire and/or decisions to make.
  • Endurance and courage, that our love would not grow cold.

In Christ,

Pastor Wade Mobley

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