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Nathan Crellin

When asked to share their testimony, many Christians lead off with the statement, “I grew up in a Christian home.” While this is true and something to be thankful for, a believer’s testimony only continues from that starting point. God is faithful in every stage of life to grow His people in their faith and in a closer walk with Him. Nathan Crellin is a recent graduate of FLBC (Class of 2020). The Lord’s continued work in his life at FLBC is something Crellin highlighted within his interview.

“Starting out, I had this general grasp of what a Christian life looked like and what the Bible was generally about. I attended a Christian [high] school, I thought that I knew pretty much all of the answers and that Bible College would be a bunch of review,” said Crellin. After graduating, Crellin stated, “As another chapter closes in my life, this one opens up a whole new perspective of what my life is. I never knew what happened on that small acreage in Plymouth, Minn. until I experienced it for myself. The amount of care put forth by faculty and teachers on campus is truly a reflection of Christ’s love. Many have taught me, through the Word, how we are to show that love to others.”

Crellin is an employee on campus and works on the maintenance team. He said, “I have truly seen the power of what the AFLC does, whether they are alumni or whether they are just part of the AFLC. The giving of money and the sacrifice that is…a lot of the equipment in our campus shed is donated from families and that alone goes beyond seeing a nice campus, but shows we are taking what we have been given and making the best use of it.”

Crellin is thankful to be joining the community of other FLBC Alumni as they continue to support the ministry on campus. He hopes to support future students so they can be a part of the same ministry that impacted him.

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