Katy Dahl

My name is Katy Dahl and I am an AFLBS alumni. I graduated from AFLBS in 2012, and as I look back, I am grateful that God led me to start my adult life as a student at AFLBS.

It was during my first year at AFLBS that God allowed me to see the freedom of the Gospel. I was finally able to see that Christ had paid the full payment for my sin, and as His child, I am called to simply rest in what He has done for me. This freed me to respond by living out of gratitude for all that He has done for me rather than out of striving to please Him!

While I attended AFLBS, I asked a lot of questions and sought out answers for the direction of my life. I remember feeling uncertain of what I should do or which direction to go in fear that I would step outside of God’s will somehow. Ultimately, what I found is that life is ministry. There is no specific career or ministry that is better or more spiritual than others, but God has called us to use the gifts He has given us to glorify Him, and that is worship! We fulfill our calling when we seek to do what we are wired to do with excellence for the glory of God alone. This gave me a peace to pursue my gifting and my passion for music wholeheartedly.

I am grateful for the opportunities that I had while I attended AFLBS to get to lead worship through music on Gospel teams and the leadership opportunities I was able to grow in on summer teams. These were helpful, hands on experiences to do what I felt called to do in a structured setting and helped cultivate in me an eternal perspective on life.

After I graduated AFLBS I did a six-month internship at Living Word Church in Sioux Falls, SD where I served as a music/family ministry intern. Following my time there, I was offered the worship leader position at Living Hope Church in Rogers, MN and have been serving on staff there ever since.

I am currently living in Plymouth, MN and am finishing my B.S. in Music Ministry at UNWSP while serving at Living Hope and pursuing some of my own music. I love getting to use my musical gifts to lead others before the throne of God. There is really nothing quite like it for me. I never really saw myself as a solo artist, but more recently, God has been opening doors for me to write and record my own songs. It has been fun to see how God has been directing my journey as an artist, songwriter, and worship leader to communicate the message of His hope and love.

I just finished my first recording project with Pastor Brian Ricke. This first project is a five song EP made up of songs and prayers about our journey toward our eternal home. The EP is entitled HOME and can be found on iTunes or on my website at www.katydahl.com.

It is my prayer that the message of hope in Christ and the joy found in Him would impact others through my music and through my life. There is nothing more freeing and fulfilling than resting in the resurrection power of Jesus everyday and living through the gifts that He has given, all for His glory alone!

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