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Alumnus Founds Christian School in Northern Minnesota

When Holly Breckel (formerly Holly Roed, FLBC Class of 97), her husband Jason, and their young children moved back to northern Minnesota to live in the house where she grew
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Commissioned for Missions

By: Pastor Paul Kneeland How can a 93 yr. old oak, who lived in only four houses his entire life, produce a 57 yr. old acorn who is currently on
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Let All the Witches Come to Jesus

By: Andrew Olson, FLBC Class of 2011 Ukerewe is an African island of 350,000 people. They have a regional reputation for their powerful witchcraft… and also a bit of a
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Prepared for Life in Jesus Christ

By Jeremy Zeltinger, Class of 1994 I don’t know if I truly have “the knack” (Dilbert) but from the time I was 12 years old I wanted to be an
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Establishing a Foundation

It’s been a few years since Sherri Melvie attended the Free Lutheran Bible College. But even decades after graduating she’s still grateful for the Biblical foundation that was laid. Sherri,
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An Author’s Journey

In the spring of 2021, I became a superhero. Growing up, my superheroes had always been the people who brought my favorite fictional characters to life. That’s right, authors. From
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God at Work – The Larsons

  Like most other youth workers across the country, the last few months have been stretching and challenging for Seth Larson. But the one constant through all the uncertainty is
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God Cares About Our Careers

By Paige Moan (FLBC Class of ’18) Looking through old photos or taking a trot down memory lane with friends bring me back to a season of sweet fellowship and
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Caleb Holt

I learned many things during my time at AFLBS. I took away that God’s Word is the most important thing that I can spend my time learning. There are new
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Julia Rieniets

Julia Rieniets Class of 2008 May 2018 marks the ten-year anniversary of my graduation from AFLBS. As a high school student, I had always looked forward to attending AFLBS. It
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AFLBS Alumus Receives National Teaching Award

Mark Westlake, AFLBS class of 1982, was recently named the 2018 Space Educator of the Year by the National Space Club and Foundation. Westlake teaches STEM (science, technology, engineering, and
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Rachel Foss

Rachel Foss Class of 2009 While attending AFLBS, some key things that I took away from my time there included: law vs. gospel, understanding key elements of different books of
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