Linda (Moan) Korhonen

Linda (Moan) Korhonen

Class of 1972

My two years at AFLBS (1970-72) were two of the best years of my life! Fellowship with Christian friends, studying the Bible, spiritual growth, and singing in the choirs were all some of the special memories that still are meaningful! Let me share some of the blessings:

MUSIC: Choir and gospel teams were high on my “Favorites” list. Before I came to Bible School, I had barely left the state. That all changed because of Bible School choir: to the East Coast, West Coast, and Norway. What wonderful times we had together – – as we travelled on the bus (I remember seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time) or as we sang concerts (in big cathedrals in Norway to small country churches). Choir was fun!

DORM LIFE really contributed to Bible School life. We were all crowded into one dorm: the guys lived on third floor, the gals on first and second, and the classrooms were also on main floor. I especially enjoyed when all the students got together, with many playing guitars, to sing choruses and share testimonies. Dorm devotions on each floor each night really brought us closer to each other.

CLASSES: I can’t begin to tell how our classes helped us understand God’s Word and apply it to our lives. I wish I could remember all that we learned! Daily feeding on God’s truths affected our choices, changed our thinking, and grounded us spiritually. The effects are life-long if we continue to walk in those truths.

Was it perfect? Of course not, because we are all imperfect. We know that Satan works harder wherever God is at work. We saw evidence of God working in so many ways – answering prayer, providing jobs and finances, changing lives, protection, and helping us through difficulties.

One thing that surprised me AFTER 2 years of Bible School was realizing how much I had changed in those 2 years. I thought about how different it would have been if I had gone to some secular school and had been influenced by worldly philosophies instead of God’s Word and Christian fellowship that reinforced Christ-like character and values. I am convinced that all of these godly influences have affected me my entire life, — equipping me for work as a parish worker in a congregation and now as a pastor’s wife for almost 35 years.

Would I recommend Bible School for young adults? ABSOLUTELY!! As our society deteriorates, the need for a solid Biblical foundation becomes even more important. Time spent in God’s Word is never wasted.

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