Tuition and Aid

Because of generous donors (such as alumni, financial supporters, and congregations), each student at FLBC essentially receives a $14,400 grant per year, reducing the amount students are responsible for paying to approximately $13,700 per year. This amount includes tuition, room, board, and other necessary fees. 

Either the full semester amount or the minimum down payment of $4,250 is due by August 17*. Students chose their payment plan during the registration period and it may be changed or arranged accordingly with the FLBC Finance Coordinator. For more details on costs and payments, please refer to the FLBC Financial Planning Sheet.

*Students registering after August 17 should pay the minimum deposit at the time of registration. If you have any concerns about the minimum deposit contact the Finance Coordinator –

Financial graphics Total costs 2021

2021 – 2023 Totals

  • 2021-22 – $13,695*
  • 2022-23 – $14,243**
  • 2023-24 – $14,813**

* Actual cost for 2021-22.
** Estimated cost, based on projected increases. Costs are released during the second quarter of each calendar year.


How Students Pay

A Typical Example

Part-Time Employment

FLBC classes are scheduled from 8am–12:30pm each day, leaving afternoons and evenings open for part-time employment. FLBC students have maintained a great reputation among local employers and many of them recruit FLBC students year after year. A student working 20 hours/week at $13.50/hour would make about $6,700/school year* after taxes.

FLBC Scholarships and Financial Aid

Incoming and current students can apply for FLBC financial aid and multiple scholarships. For the 2019–20 school year, students received an average of $1,500 in scholarships and financial aid.

Church Scholarship

Many students receive scholarship support from their home congregations. Among the students who receive support from their church, the average amount is $2,000 per student.

Other Sources

This example leaves a remainder of $3,500 for the student to pay from other sources. These often include other scholarships, gifts from family, savings, etc.

*26 weeks per year, factoring in breaks


Scholarships and Aid

The Free Lutheran Bible College offers scholarships in the following areas: Academics, Financial Aid, Music, Leadership Development, and Family in Ministry. You can apply for more than one of these scholarship categories. Please read through the requirements and descriptions of these scholarships and apply online.