Tuition & Aid


Paying for college is a big concern for most students. FLBC is on your side! We partner with alumni, congregations, and generous individuals to bring you an affordable Bible education with transferable college credits. We won’t push you to take out huge loans that you can’t pay back, and we won’t minimize the tough choices you need to make when considering your finances.


A Head Start for Every Student

Because FLBC is so affordable, we aren’t afraid to show you your entire yearly tuition rather than cost per credit. We challenge you to add up the yearly tuition, room, and board of any other college you are considering and compare it to the cost of FLBC.


Actual Operating Cost Per Student: $30,500

Through generous donations to the school from alumni, congregations, and supporters, every student automatically receives the equivalent of a $15,575 grant each year they attend!

This means students never have to see the full cost. Instead of paying $30,500, students are only responsible for $14,925, which includes tuition, room, board, and fees.


Grant $15,575

Student Responsibility $14,925

Projected Future Tuition

Here is a look ahead at estimated tuition costs. These are estimates that are subject to change, but they can allow you to better plan for your time at FLBC. Actual tuition costs are released second quarter of each calendar year.

2021-2022 – $13,695

2022-2023 – $14,243

2023-2024 – $14,813


How FLBC Students Graduate without Student Debt

Our goal is to help you graduate from FLBC without unnecessary college debt. Most students achieve this by utilizing the following:

Part-Time Employment

With a hectic college schedule, finding time for employment can be difficult. At FLBC, all required classes conclude by 12:30, leaving the afternoon/evening open for jobs, electives, and extra curricular events. FLBC students maintain such a good reputation among local employers that many of them recruit our students year after year.

A student working 20 hrs each week at $15/hr would take home about $7,400 over the course of the school year.

FLBC Scholarships & Financial Aid

Your supporters are rooting for you! In addition to the initial grant that every student receives, there are a number of other scholarships available. Students can apply for FLBC financial aid and multiple scholarships through the college itself. For the 2019–2020 school year, students received an average of $1,500 in scholarships and financial aid. FLBC offers scholarships for Academics, Music, Leadership Development, and Family in Ministry. Any student can apply for more than one of these categories.

Church Scholarship

Many students also receive support from their home congregations. Of those who receive church support, the average amount received is $2,000

Other Sources

Many students choose to work full time during the summer months. This can provide a nice head start on next year’s tuition. Students who serve on FLBC summer teams receive a stipend that can be applied to their outstanding tuition balances.

Apply for Scholarships and Aid

The Free Lutheran Bible College offers scholarships in the following areas: Academics, Financial Aid, Music, Leadership Development, and Family in Ministry. You can apply for more than one of these scholarship categories. Please read through the requirements and descriptions of these scholarships and apply online.

Down Payment

A down payment of $4,550 is required by August 12 of year enrolled. Students choose their payment plan during registration and may arrange to adjust it through our Finance Coordinator. Please see our Financial Planning Sheet for more details, or finance coordinator with any questions.

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Financial Planning Sheet