Bible College

Start Here. Go Anywhere. Grounded in God's Word.

There is nothing more impactful to the Christian's life than a solid understanding of God's Word. Find out what makes FLBC a one of kind college experience.


Scripture without Distraction

Every class at the Free Lutheran Bible College is devoted to the study of God’s Word and its application for life and faith in Jesus Christ. Students are not only earning transferable college credits and a Diploma in Biblical Studies, they are making an eternal investment. Whatever future career or vocation they pursue, they will be ready to face life’s most difficult questions and challenges head on.

Discipleship without Distance

90%+ of FLBC students live on campus in Plymouth, MN. Dedicated student life staff, engaged faculty, and a student body of growing believers come together to form a community that points one another to Christ. This intentional in-person discipleship brings about lasting transformation.

Ministry through the Congregation

Students see firsthand what it means to serve with their local church, learning how God has uniquely gifted them for Kingdom work. Whether going on to volunteer or full-time ministry, the next generation of servant leaders is answering the call to make disciples.

Unbeatable Value

Paying for college is a big concern for most students. FLBC is on your side! We partner with alumni, congregations, and generous individuals to bring you an affordable Bible education with transferable college credits.

Make the Word of God Your Foundation for Life

Dive into a college experience dedicated to the study of God’s Word, Christian community, and Kingdom impact. Whether you are pursuing a degree or have no idea what’s next, FLBC will lay a solid foundation for every aspect of life and faith. We are committed to help you each step of the way on your admissions journey.

A Rich Tradition of Musical Excellence

FLBC seeks not only to equip future congregational music leaders, but also to foster musical confidence in each congregation member. Opportunities include Choir, worship teams, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, private lessons, and much more. Continuing its long-held tradition of great student involvement, this year over 75% of the student body participates in at least one aspect of the music program.

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